24 июля 2009

Hyperion Smart View for Office

Defects Fixed in Release


· 6537938 – If you copy a value from inside a grid and paste it outside the grid, any edits you make to the pasted value are lost when you refresh.

· 6580940 – The online help does not open for users who do not have administrative privileges.

· 6587944 – Spreadsheets created and saved in Excel 2007 lose the POV if they are opened in Excel 2003.

· 6666776 – Excel may terminate abruptly when you close it after running a VBA function.

· 6967292 – Smart View incorrectly ignores Excel sheet protection and unlocks cells.

· 7312912 If a workbook contains a large number of Excel objects such as buttons or text boxes, the process memory of EXCEL.EXE may peak and remain high even after you close the workbook. However, you still may see Excel memory leaks.

· 8298960, 7299904, 7300216 – Entering and submitting data in an ad hoc grid does not always change the cell text color as expected, even though the data is submitted successfully.

· 8354320 – Opening Connection Manager from a protected worksheet fails, and the following error message is displayed: "One or more sheets in the workbook are protected. Please unprotect the sheets and try the operation again."


· 6591844 – If you select Use Excel Formatting in Smart View Options, cells that contain formulas display incorrect formatting.

· 7434938 – In smartview.bas, HypRetrieveRange was declared incorrectly as object. It should be declared as variant.

· 7675490 – You cannot submit data for cells that link to a different sheet in the same Excel workbook.

· 7700005 – When you attempt to view in Smart View a drill-through report that was created in Essbase Integration Services you should be able to retrieve the report, but instead get the error message, "No drill through reports found at this location."

· 7721231 – When you attempt to refresh on grid columns greater than 676, a blank error message box is returned, though the data is refreshed properly.

· 7758518 – If the Hyperion menu is active in Excel, you cannot save worksheets that are protected in Excel; you get the following error message: "Drawing Objects in one or more sheet(s) in the workbook are protected. Please unprotect them and try to save again."

· 8214296 – The Enhanced Comment Handling option has been improved to enable automatic selection.

· 8247419 – If you select No Data/#Missing in the Options dialog box, VBA functions may become inoperable.

· 8365889 – Refreshing an Excel sheet after pasting data from two different Word data sources causes Excel to terminate.

· 8369071 – When you try to connect to Workspace with SSL enabled, Smart View displays a dialog box containing a list of certificates from which you must choose, even if there are no related certificates or only one certificate.

· 8412440 – HypConnect and HypRetrieve cause the Application.Screenupdating property to be set to true, resulting in slow performance and possibly introducing errors.

· 8423513 – It takes much longer than expected to open a workbook containing Smart View functions.

· 8475319 – Setting enhanced comment handling and refreshing data incorrectly rearranges data and dimensions in spreadsheets.

· 8503380 – If a member is referenced in a header row, you cannot change to the default alias table.

· 8584164 – The VBA function HypSetGlobalOption cannot be used for the replacement label “#Meaningless” in the Options dialog box.

Financial Management

· 6652410 – Members selected on the POV are not saved when the spreadsheet is closed and reopened.

· 7299904 – Cells that reference data on another worksheet may still retain “dirty” color formatting even after they are submitted.

· 8371691 – Smart View files do not get converted if any cells in a file refer to any other cells in the same file, whether in the same sheet or a different sheet. Conversion fails with the error message: “Conversion is not completed in the sheet P&L because there is user defined formula which contains an error in this workbook. Please correct it first and then run Migration Utility.”

· 8541750 – Large worksheets that are heavily used may cause memory leaks in Excel.


· 8501738 - Using offline, if you map your local My Documents drive to a network drive, you may get the following error message: “’V:\My Documents\hstbar.xla’ cannot be found. Check your spelling, or try a different path.”

Reporting and Analysis

· 6589564 – Users cannot connect to the Reporting and Analysis repository from Excel or Word unless single sign-on is disabled.

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