24 июля 2009

Hyperion Shared Services

New Features

The following new features are included in this service pack.

· Support for custom authentication module. See Custom Authentication Instructions for details.

· Mechanism to periodically change the encryption key to better secure System 9 products. See Regenerating the SSO Encryption Key for information.

· Restricted access in User Management Console

Enhancement to Infrastructure Support

· High availability support for Shared Services Web application and OpenLDAP using Oracle Clusterware. See Oracle Enterprise Performance Management / Business Intelligence White papers web site for a whitepaper that discusses how to implement Oracle Clusterware support for Shared Services.

Performance Fixes

Performance improvements made in this service pack include the following:

· Improved performance while listing users and groups in Workspace, Planning, and Business Rules

· Improved System 9 login performance

· Improved provisioning performance in User Management Console

· Faster startup of System 9 products

· Improved performance while using the Import/Export Utility

Functional Bug Fixes

Some of the important bug fixes in this service pack include following:

· Essbase Security refresh bug fixes

· Fixes to Projects listing in the User Management Console to correct intermittent disappearance of projects

· Fixes to application status listing in the User Management Console to correct intermittent mislabeling of application status

· Fixes to reduce the number of calls made by System 9 products to LDAP/MSAD servers

· Fixes to correct Financial Management taskflow issues

· Fixes to correct issues in the UpdateNativeDir Utility

Supported Platforms

This service pack can be applied to all supported platforms for release 9.3.1. See the Installation Start Here, for a list of supported platforms.

Supported Languages

This release supports English only.

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