17 июня 2009

Hyperion Analytic Provider Services

Defects Fixed in Release

· 7263346 - In Smart View, submitting #missing using HSSETVAL returns an “Empty String” error message.

· 7434553 - In Workspace, you cannot run Essbase drill-through from Web Analysis reports for users other than the administrator.

· 7452203 - In Smart View, if a large number of Essbase connections exists, adding an Essbase connection returns a “Cannot list olap applications. Null” error message, and the connection is not created.

· 7572202 - In Smart View connected to Essbase, when you expand the Essbase node in Connection Manager to open the list of applications, you may get an error message. This happens only if you have more than 262 applications.

· 7615604 - Ancestors are displayed in different positions when you zoom- in versus using member selection.

· 7649867 - Regression function values disappear when the alias table is changed.

· 7659650 - Refreshing cells containing =HSGETVALUE returns “#Invalid member xxxx for dimension xxxx” error message.

· 7666239 - When Essbase Integration Server is not running, requests for drill-through from Smart View return a “Cannot perform cube view operation.null” error message.

· 7685570 - In Smart View, HSGETVALUE performance is slower in release than in release 9.2.0.

· 7700730 - When two consecutive cells with values of #missing return multiple LROs of different types, the returned LRO types are not correct.

· 7707808 - Listing applications using the JAPI method getApplications () returns a com.essbase.api.base.Ess exception when the number of applications is greater than 525.

· 7757303 - Running an MDX query through JAPI against an application created with Studio returns this error: Error: Cannot perform cube view operation. Analytic Server Error6117

· 7834684 - Smart View clients connected to Provider Services are not backward compatible with Essbase releases earlier than 9.3.1 when Essbase is deployed in Shared Services mode.

· 8210386 - Users with an active session are able to log on again using invalid passwords.

· 8231521 - After installing Provider Services on Win64, the default Tomcat server (located at /bin/StartAPSTomcatServer.bat) fails to run because JAVA_HOME is set incorrectly.

· 8282497 - Using HSGETVALUE with cell references on sheets with multiple points of view locks up all open connections.

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