22 мая 2009

Hyperion Planning Service Fix

19 мая появился свежий патчик для пленинга (Metalink #8527948). Вот список исправлений:

Defects Fixed in Release

· 8517525 – The Planning cube refresh utility does not display correct usage for PARAMETER /FSV or /FVS.

· 8429971 – In data forms, Smart Lists do not work with user variables.

· 8426056 – When you restart the Planning Web service, Smart Lists associated with the Period dimension members are removed.

· 8405636 – SSL communications from Workspace to Planning is unsuccessful.

· 8308229 – After upgrading to Planning or higher, existing Essbase custom defined functions in Business Rules may not work.

· 8300814 - When limits are specified for a run time prompt, members are not returned in hierarchical order or alphabetical order in the Planning Member Selection dialog box.

· 8217170 - Planning may output out-of-memory errors after continuous launch of rules in Planning Web.

· 8208968 – Data forms with rules attached take a longer time to open if there are numerous rules.

· 8198005 – Supporting Details calculated values are not updated in the associated cell in the Web form if the values are directly entered in the Web form while the supporting details window is open.

· 7830283 - When running a Business Rule in Essbase Administration Services and selecting a dimension member for a runtime prompt, not all the dimension members are listed and some members are listed twice.

· 7817828 - Working with a graphical rule that contains AND, OR, and NOT component may output an error message.

· 7715336, 8351274 - Substitution variables may not be displayed in the Member Selection dialog box in Planning Web running on a WebSphere application server.

· 7714456 - Invalid values are moved to Essbase from Planning during a cube create or refresh if exchange rate method is set to divide.

· 7640704 - The Initialize Workforce and Initialize Capex options proceed without a user confirmation.

· 7590751, 8207363 - In the Effective Access report, the Show Effective Origin option does not work.

· 7589261 - Improved messaging is provided to differentiate a Planning Create and a Planning Refresh.

· 7554316 – When you open the Member Selection dialog box in Smart View, an error message is displayed if a substitution variable value contains an ampersand.

· 7015931 - Outline Refresh and Create Filters do not work if they are selected together during application deployment.

· 8485406 – Essbase Administrator Services session count increases on the Oracle database repository when the Administrator Services server is running.

· 8479241 - Shared member alias displays as null in page dimension in the Planning Web form.

· 8464904 – Opening a Planning application in Workspace may output a javascript error.

· 8240092 – A very long Essbase Administration Services server host name may result in updates to business rules not available in Planning Web.

· 6819869 – When two business rules are run simultaneously, an error message is displayed and the business rules may stop running.

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