30 июля 2013

Лучший вопрос для определения требований BI

Очень занятная дискуссия ведется в группе BI Prof на LinkedIn
What are your (departmental) objectives?
Explain your role?
How do you measure your performance in the workplace?
What decisions do you have to make to sustain or improve your KPIs on a daily/weekly/monthly basis?
What info must you have to make your decisions?
What are the top 5 (or 10) things you need to know in at a glance? (Those metrics usually end up on a dashboard) The most common data requests.
What's the one thing (or things) that are causing you the most trouble, or taking the longest to find out? (In terms of data)
How do you filter the data?
How do you measure success?
И в дополнение: http://dundasusers.com/threads/gathering-dashboard-business-requirements-never-ask-what-data-do-you-need-to-see.18/

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