12 апреля 2012

Oracle EPM System Release is Now Available

What is being announced?

Oracle’s EPM System Development Team is pleased to announce General Availability of Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management System release

Oracle's performance management applications are a modular suite of integrated applications that integrate with both Oracle and non-Oracle transactional systems. EPM System products form a comprehensive Enterprise Performance Management system that integrates modular suites of financial management applications with the most comprehensive business intelligence capabilities for reporting and analysis.

This is a localized release available in seventeen languages. See System Requirements and Supported Platforms for Oracle Enterprise Performance Management System for details.

In this release, EPM System products extend the new features and products offered with release (See My Oracle Support note 1306738.1 - Oracle Enterprise Performance Management System Release is now available). The following is a summary of new features provided with EPM System release For additional details, please visit the product New Features Guides, available in the Enterprise Performance Management System Documentation Library.

Installation and Deployment
EPM System release supports the migration of applications and data from prior releases, 9.3.3,, It also supports upgrade of EPM System release and as an application of a maintenance release. Operating System support is extended to include Windows 2008 / Windows 2008 R2. Support is extended to include Microsoft Office 2010. For complete platform support information, please visit System Requirements and Supported Platforms for Oracle Enterprise Performance Management System


Oracle's Hyperion® Shared Services and Lifecycle Management

Oracle’s Hyperion Shared Services-

-Enhancements to default EPM System Administrator Account (admin), ability to rename and deactivate account
-Ability to Add External Users to Multiple Native Directory Groups-EPM System administrators can now add users from configured external user directories to many native groups at once.
-On-demand Cache Refresh

Lifecycle Management-

-Simplified User Interface, Migration Definition File, Migration Status Report
-New Oracle Hyperion Financial Reporting Artifacts – You can now use Lifecycle Management to migrate Oracle Hyperion Financial Reporting Annotations, User POV, and Batch Jobs.
-New Planning Artifact – You can now use Lifecycle Management to migrate Planning Report Scripts.
-Oracle Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management ERP Integration Adapter for Oracle Applications Support – ERP Integrator now supports Lifecycle Management.

Oracle Hyperion EPM Architect, Fusion Edition

-Unlimited custom dimensions for Financial Management applications
-Support for a new Oracle Hyperion Profitability and Cost Management application type
-Support for interface data source management from within Performance Management Architect
-SSL-Enabling of Performance Management Architect
-Support for using Data Relationship Management metadata in Performance Management Architect
-The ability to reuse data synchronization filters

ERP Integrator

ERP Integrator has been enhanced to support new source systems:
-Packaged Integrations

Fusion Financials
SAP ERP Financials
JD Edwards Enterprise One
PeopleSoft Commitment Control

-Custom Data Source Integrations

File Based Data Loading
Open Interface Adapter

-ERP Integrator has added Account Reconciliation module (ARM) of Financial Close Manager as a target application.

Hyperion Calculation Manager

In this release, the Script Editor includes several enhancements: support for auto suggestion, code completion, line numbers, enhanced code coloring, and performance improvements.
-In previous releases of Financial Management, four custom dimensions were supported. In this release, Financial Management applications can have unlimited custom dimensions. Unlimited Financial Management custom dimensions are supported throughout Calculation Manager wherever dimension information is displayed, including in the Data Range and Metadata Loop components and in the Function and Member selectors.
-This release of Calculation Manager includes bi-directional language support for languages like Arabic and Hebrew that are read from right to left

Oracle Hyperion Smart View for Office, Fusion Edition
-This release of Smart View supports the 64-bit version of Microsoft Office 2010.
-Smart View supports two new extensions and will display their own ribbons in Excel, Oracle Hyperion Strategic Finance and Predictive Planning, which works with Oracle Hyperion Planning

Oracle Essbase

-For Essbase running on Windows, UNC paths are supported to specify network shared paths
-Block Storage Performance Enhancements
-Optimization of Distinct Count Calculations on Aggregate Storage Databases
-Distinct Way to Reference Shared Members in MDX
-Changing Essbase Server and Application Log Levels in Administration Services
-Essbase API Changes
-Configuration Setting (essbase.cfg) Changes
-New MDX Functions
-MaxL Grammar Changes

Oracle Essbase Administration Services

For Essbase and Administration Services running on Windows, UNC paths are supported to specify network shared paths
-Filters listed in dialog boxes in Administration Services are now sorted in alphabetical order.
-One can change Essbase log levels at the server and application level in Administration Services

Oracle Hyperion Provider Services
-To assist Oracle Hyperion Smart View for Office connection management, Provider Services dynamically detects and retrieves Essbase data sources using the registry
-Essbase Web Services will expose Essbase user and administrative functionality in a services oriented (SOA) environment via Provider Services, and allow Essbase to be easily integrated
with both Oracle and third-party applications.

Oracle Hyperion Financial Reporting, Fusion Edition

-New Print Engine
-Bi-Direction Support
-Support for Hyperion Financial Management Extended Dimensionality in Financial Reporting
-Support for Hyperion Planning: Ability to attach multiple user notes and multiple documents to a cell in Financial Reporting
-Life Cycle Management support for:
-- Financial Reporting Batch Jobs
-- Financial Reporting User POV's
-- Financial Reporting Annotations
Interactive Report
-File export to Microsoft Excel 2007 using the *.xlsx file format

Oracle Hyperion Planning, Fusion Edition

-Classic application administration is now called Oracle Hyperion Planning application administration
-The Upgrade Wizard automatically upgrades applications having Oracle Hyperion Business Rules business rules, converting them to Calculation Manager business rules.
-Administrators can now set up forms to include a rolling forecast window.
-When Predictive Planning is installed and valid form (not an ad hoc grid) is loaded into Oracle Hyperion Smart View for Office, planners can use the Predict item on the Planning menu or ribbon to predict performance based on historical data.
-To provide greater flexibility in managing a budget's review process, Approvals workflow now supports groups of users.
-various planners with write access permissions to cells can add multiple comments to cells.

Oracle Hyperion Public Sector Planning and Budgeting, Fusion Edition
-Decision Packages and Budget Requests
-Integration with PeopleSoft Financials and Commitment Control

Oracle Project Financial Planning
-Perform planning for Indirect, Capital, and Contract projects
-Perform expense planning at a detail level or account level (labor, material, equipment)
-Allocate workforce resources and capital assets to projects

Oracle Hyperion Financial Management, Fusion Edition
-This release provides the ability to create an application with more than four custom dimensions.
-The Financial Management Application Upgrade utility has been enhanced to support configurable dimensionality by upgrading required documents that are stored in the application database from previous versions to the release.

Oracle Crystal Ball Enterprise Performance Management, Fusion Edition
-One can group assumptions in a sensitivity chart to combine similar assumptions, such as grouping Monthly assumptions into a single Year assumption group
-When fitting distributions for assumptions, one can filter historical data to use only data values that fall within specified value ranges.

Oracle Hyperion Profitability and Cost Management, Fusion Edition
-With this release, in addition to Standard (existing) Profitability and Cost Management, there is now a Detailed Profitability option that offers another method to build your applications. Detailed Profitability enables you to utilize pre-existing relational databases to create a model that contains a single source and destination.

Oracle Hyperion Financial Close Management
Financial Close Management has two modules: Close Manager and Account Reconciliation Manager.

-Close Manager
-Configurable File Upload Limits
-Bulk Reassignments Within Schedules
-Event Monitoring Integration Type
-Account Reconciliation Manager
-Comprehensive tracking of unlimited numbers of reconciliations, including reconciliations of accounts in non-Oracle systems
-Structured formats to guide preparation and ensure high quality reconciliations
-Approval and rejection capabilities with unlimited levels of review
-Dashboard reporting
Oracle Integrated Operational Planning, Fusion Edition

-Paging support for exceptions, cell comments, and data changes
-Ability to execute MDX queries in scenarios
-Ability to approve a subset of data changes
-Metadata security filters
-Ability to search for attributes

Oracle Hyperion Data Relationship Management, Fusion Edition
-Oracle Hyperion EPM Architect can import hierarchies, nodes, and properties directly from Oracle Hyperion Data Relationship Management for use by EPM applications.
-Data Creator, Data Manager, and Application Administrator role users can utilize variables to refer to versions in a Data Relationship Management application.
Version variables may be used to dynamically refer to different versions over time or provide an easy method of selecting a version from a large list of versions
-Data Manager role users can archive or migrate data from one Data Relationship Management
application to another using version backup and restore.
-Domains are available to preserve integrity and ensure consistency of node names and descriptive
properties across multiple versions for nodes of a common type.
-You can directly access a hierarchy or local node in the Data Relationship Management Web
Client from an external document or program using a context-senstive URL.


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