17 июня 2009

Hyperion Essbase

Defects Fixed in Release

· 6566253– Spreadsheet Client. In Oracle Essbase Spreadsheet Add-in, running VBA programs results in large memory usage in Excel.

· 6672034 – Data Extraction. Issuing Lock and Send commands causes Spreadsheet Add-in to terminate abnormally.

· 6679658 – Metadata. Error messages are sometimes not displayed correctly in the Outline Editor verification window, and a warning treated as an error prevents an otherwise correct outline from saving.

· 7434971 – Attributes. When attributes are retrieved from a BSO application/database, values for shared members do not roll up correctly if the base member is not a level 0 member.

· 7488884 – SQL Interface. At times, no more than two data loads can occur simultaneously.

· 7510439 – EssPerl. Repeated calls return this error message: XS: Fatal error in perl_MaxlOutputNextRecord.

· 7523766 – Kernel. ASO databases may terminate abnormally during exports that are large enough to create multiple export files. (When an export file reaches 2 GB, it starts writing to a new export file that is named sequentially.) This affects both serial and parallel ASO exports.

· 7558950 – MaxL. Parser errors are returned if you encrypt MaxL import data statements containing slice options.

· 7569551 – Agent. Essbase agent hangs when concurrent set active operations are occurring and applications are crashing.

· 7572754 – Metadata. Converting a BSO outline with Time Balance members to aggregate storage sometimes fails and causes Essbase Administration Server to terminate abnormally.

· 7579482 - Metadata. Oracle's Hyperion Planning – System 9 refresh does not complete if a database partition exists, and changes are made to a shared member.

· 7582994 – ASO. YTD calculations return incorrect results when MaxFormulaCacheSize is not large enough.

· 7585809 - ASO. Retrieving data from an ASO database results in an exception and the application terminates abnormally.

· 7596581 – Installation. Errors occur in two Essbase startup scripts (startmaxl.sh and startesscmd.sh) on Linux platforms.

· 7609962 – Calculator. Dynamic calculation results differ between Release 7.1.3 and later releases because of a dense "two-pass" calculation that depends on sparse members.

· 7610230 – Server API. When running MDX queries, Essbase Server terminates abnormally if the administrator forcibly logs out all sessions.

· 7610650 – Server Administration. When loading data and an error occurs, the process continues to run and the application cannot be stopped properly.

· 7612546 – Agent. When OUTLINECHANGELOG is set to true in the essbase.cfg file, ASO applications terminate abnormally when a member is renamed and the outline then is compacted using MaxL.

· 7621018 - MaxL. The MaxL “Display Session” column fails to identify the request and prints a generic request name, “MaxL:Execute.”

· 7623915 – Agent. On HP Itanium, setting the jvmmodulelocation to null in the essbase.cfg file causes errors when you start Essbase.

· 7628183 – Client API. Essbase drill-through reports are not accessible to users connecting with SSO token, through clients such as Oracle's Hyperion Web Analysis – System 9.

· 7631145 - Server Administration. When importing, files larger than 2 GB cannot be opened.

· 7634059 - Server Administration. Connecting and disconnecting to a client multiple times causes the Essbase agent to terminate abnormally.

· 7653525 – Data Extraction. When two consecutive cells with values of zero or #missing return multiple LROs of different types, the returned LRO types are not correct.

· 7660269 – Data Extraction. ReportWriter script executed on an empty target partition incorrectly suppresses rows with data.

· 7660328 - API. Calling the API function EssDisplayTriggers sometimes caused the API client program to terminate abnormally. In addition, if the user was searching for a trigger that did not exist, the function would erroneously give the error message “Please upgrade your client application.”

· 7675024 – MDX. An exception occurs on Essbase Server when running an MDX query with embedded substitution variables.

· 7682215 - MDX. Essbase Server terminates abnormally on Windows AMD 64-bit platform while running an MDX query that has a calculated member on the slicer with a solve order of AGGREGATION_SOLVEORDER.

· 7682260 - MDX. Essbase Server terminates abnormally while running an MDX query containing a FILTER function with a large conditional expression.

· 7827499 – Security. Running a full refresh in Administration Console causes groups to disappear from Hyperion Shared Services.

· 8230465 - Data extraction. ASO databases sometimes terminate abnormally when an Essbase user who has a filter runs a report.

· 8230482 – Calculator. Some calculations take much longer to run in Essbase compared to Essbase 7.1.3 on HP-UX 11.11 PA-RISC.

· 8251402 – ASO. Retrievals on ASO databases with time balance may fail with out of memory errors.

· 8257035 – Agent. Essbase agent fails when the app directory contains a symbolic link.

· 8264167 – Data extraction. Execution of incorrect asymmetric report on BSO database by user with filtered access causes Essbase to terminate abnormally.

· 8272955 – MDX. Member names that contain ampersands (&) that are not surrounded by spaces (such as “B &Z” for member name) cause query errors.

· 8275606 - Calculator. When running Essbase on 32-bit HP-UX, calculations yield double values for some members.

· 8296358 – Installation. Spreadsheet Add-in installation location is incorrect when using the silent installer.

· 8331758 – Agent. After upgrading to Release, Essbase terminates abnormally during security refresh.

· 8334682 - Server Administration. The Essbase Administration Server call-back URL is not set properly in the .instance files when Essbase Administration Server is configured on SSL port. Instead of pointing to https, it points to http.

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